When you have a big investment on wheels, a Vehicle/Mobile Suppression system is worth its weight in gold. PSE has the expertise and the tools to protect your investments in the harshest, hottest, and dirtiest environments. We install, service, and are fully outfitted to train your personnel on these suppression systems. We design and install these systems to meet a multitude of conditions. PSE takes the time to make sure these systems are installed and located properly, preventing damage and minimizing upkeep. From small vehicles to large non-road equipment, you’ll find PSE’s expertise partnered with ANSUL’s systems to protect excavators, haul trucks, loaders, drag lines, dozers, drills, scrapers, graders, compactors, slag pot carriers, underground mining equipment, forestry, waste haulers, and agricultural vehicles.

ANSUL® Off-Road Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

ANSUL® Off-Road Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems protect a variety of mobile equipment vehicles, from industries ranging from mining and solid waste handling to forestry equipment and agricultural vehicles.

The ANSUL® vehicle fire suppression system is designed to save lives and property.

ANSUL® LVS Liquid Agent Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

The perfect product to complement the ANSUL® line of vehicle fire suppression systems, LVS Liquid Agent Vehicle System offers suppression and cooling together in one, instant step.