NFPA refers to extinguishers by the weight of the chemical they carry. For example, a 5lb. extinguisher, common in office areas, may actually weigh 10 or 12lbs. If you are uncertain of exactly what you are required to have, please call us at (928) 526-3130 or 1 (800) 648-1232. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please note, Fire Extinguishers require hazmat shipping and are paid by customer, call for pricing and shipping options.

Underwriter laboratories classify extinguishers by the chemical type that they carry, typically ABC chemical. ABC extinguishers are dry chemical fire extinguishers containing monoammonium phosphate to handle all three classes of fire: Class A for trash, wood and paper, Class B for liquids and gases, and Class C for energized electrical equipment. Class K fires are fires that involve vegetable oils, animal oils, or fats in cooking appliances. K Class extinguishers are used in commercial kitchens, including those found in restaurants, cafeterias, and caterers.

ANSUL® SENTRY® Stored-Pressure ABC Extinguishers

When ruggedness and performance are equally important, select from the SENTRY® line of stored pressure, hand portable fire extinguishers. Designed for light, medium, and general industrial use. SENTRY extinguishers are available with dry chemical, carbon dioxide, or water. Vehicle or wall mounting bracket included.
Typical applications include auto repair shops, banks, electrical equipment rooms, hotels, machining operations, material handling vehicles, offices, schools, warehouses, forestry, mining sites, and others.
Available in 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., and 20 lb. units

Chemical Agents:  Plus-Fifty  •  Purple-K

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RED LINE® Cartridge-Operated ABC Extinguishers

RED LINE® Cartridge-Operated Extinguishers are the premium firefighting units preferred by safety directors in high fire-risk industries. Cartridge-operated means increased reliability, on-the-spot recharge and ease of service. Vehicle or wall mounting bracket included. Available also in high flow nozzle.
Typical applications include fuel loading racks, heavy construction sites, dip tanks, oil pumping stations, mining equipment, paint lockers, trucks and buses, fuel storage rooms, production lines, and others. Agents include dry chemicals and Class D powders.
Available in 5 lb., 10 lb., 20lb., and 30 lb. units

ANSUL® SENTRY® Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers

These extinguishers are designed to protect areas where Class B (flammable liquids and gases) or Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires could occur. They may be used indoors where winds and drafts do not affect discharge or where a clean extinguishing agent is required. The portable, compact design allows for simple operation and maintenance, and the non-corrosive, non-conductive, clean extinguishing agent leaves no residue. The steel shell has a fluted base design which resists corrosion for a longer service life.
Typical applications include laboratories, electronic equipment, low voltage electrical equipment, and municipal fire departments.
Available in 5 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb., and 20 lb. units

K-GUARD® Kitchen-Class Fire Extinguisher

ANSUL® K-GUARD® fire extinguishers contain ANSULEX® liquid fire suppressant to quickly knock down the flames,form a vapor-securing blanket, and cool the grease and surrounding surfaces. Listed by UL and ULC for “K” class fires.Vehicle or wall mounting bracket included.
Typical applications include restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, school cafeterias, and many others.

Available in 5 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb., and 20 lb. units

RED LINE® Wheeled ABC Extinguishers

RED LINE® wheeled extinguishers are designed to protect high fire-risk areas where the potential for large fires exists. These heavy duty units have greater extinguishing agent capacities than portable extinguishers, yet are highly mobile and can be fully operated by just one person. Available with dry chemical, carbon dioxide, and special dry powders.
Typical applications include fuel depots, mines, power plants, propane handling facilities, airports, loading docks, steel mills, paint spray booths, offshore platforms, and heavy manufacturing areas.

Available in 125 – 350 lb. units

CLEANGUARD® Clean Agent Extinguishers

CLEANGUARD® hand portable extinguishers contain DuPont FE-36® where the agent must be clean, electricallynonconductive, environment friendly, extremely low in toxicity, and exceptionally effective. Vehicle or wall mounting bracket included.

Typical applications include computer centers, data/document storage areas, communications facilities, control rooms, electronics manufacturing, museums, art galleries, laboratories, and many others. Try the new CLEANGUARD Non-Magnetic Model for MRI rooms, operating rooms and other similar applications.
Available in 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., and 13 lb. units

Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Brackets

These brackets are made of heavy gage steel that can easily hold 20lb. ABC and liquid fire extinguishers. This design was developed to accommodate almost any type of mounting in industrial settings to protect extinguishers from vibrations and heavy wear and tear.
The brackets allow mounting to a variety of mobile or stationary surfaces.